Local News

Tamil Nadu tightens security after Port City Commission bill accepted

Due to the passage of the Colombo Port City Bill by Sri Lanka Police security in Tamil Nadu has been ...
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7:15 am / Local

The oil spill will be threatens the whole sea area; It is doubtful whether it can be towed – Navy

The Marine Environmental Protection Authority (MEPA) says that the ship that was wrecked in front of the Colombo harbour has ...
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7:12 am / Local

The burnet ship Express Pearl in danger of sink

The wrecked ship "Express Pearl" is in danger of sinking. The Navy says that 50 per cent of the ship ...
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7:06 am / Local

“Prima” raises wheat flour price

Agents of Prima Wheat Flour say that the price of bread flour has been increased by Rs. 4 (June 1) ...
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6:51 am / Local

We cant satisfied with people’s behaviour; Tough decisions are taken regarding the travel restrictions – Army Commander

Army Commander Shavendra Silva says that the matter will have to be reconsidered and reviewed about the concessions granted during ...
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6:28 am / Local

Increased monthly allowance for pre-school teachers will be distributed from today

The Cabinet has approved to increase the monthly allowance of pre-school teachers after providing them with certain training. Accordingly, the ...
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7:00 am / Local

Foreign News

During anti-coup protests Myanmar 30 people were killed and 30 were wounded

United Nations human rights office reports that around 18 people were dead and 30 were wounded during the protest. Police ...
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3:29 am / Political, World

Saudi Crown Prince Approved the Operation to Capture or Kill the Journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

United States intelligence report on killing the journalist Jamal Khashoggi in 2018. The report released yesterday and it states that ...
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6:15 am / World

Joe Biden ordered strikes in Sria

The US military struck a site in Syria in response to rocket attacks on American forces in the past two ...
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2:41 pm / World

Google and Facebook has to pay for content in Australia

For the first time in the world Australia has made a new law for google and Facebook to pay for ...
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3:26 pm / Featured, Internet, Technology, World

Famous golfer Tiger wood s recovery after the accident

Famous golfer Tiger woods injured from a car accident happened yesterday. Dr. Anish Mahajan of Harbor from UCLA Medical Center ...
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1:56 pm / Sports, World

Imran Khan visits Sri Lanka

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan arrived in Sri Lanka today on an official 2-day State visit. Prime Minister Khan is ...
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10:43 am / imran khan, Local, pakistan, World


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