UFO arrived Sri Lanka-Aliens to Dimbulagala Sri Lanka.? streams of light

Farmers guarding the farms at night mentioned that large light streams of different colours came down from the sky on the morning of the 31st in the area where the “Sky Palace” is located in the mountain range of Dimbulagala Aranya Senasana Sri Lanka.

The farmers claim that the light beams were there for a few minutes and the light streams in blue, yellow, red and purple colours descended towards the sky palace and suddenly disappeared.

They mention that this kind of light beam had come to that area on several occasions before.

The Buddhist monks who live in Dimbulagala Aranya Senasana say that they have seen this kind of light beams almost every year, as well as things like floating saucers, which are considered to be Aliens, coming down from the sky at night and dawn.

Commenting on this matter, the Deputy Chief Monk of the North Central Province, Maduruoya Wijithalankara Thero mentions that a few years ago he also saw these streams of light in this Aranya Senasana.

He also mentioned that there is an ancient Folk story that Aliens visit the Sky palace in Aranya senasana.