Economic Crisis in Sri Lanka-The IMF gives three billion, Sri Lanka need at least 12 billion a year But the country has 20 million dollars now

The central bank has a duty to inform the parliament about the country’s dollar situation, but the central bank does not do it.

 It is a very dangerous situation when the country handed over with 7800 million dollars drops to 20 million dollars.

But the central bank does not give any notification to the parliament’ said the main organizer of the opposition Mr. Lakshman Kiriella.

‘The main problem in the country today is the lack of dollars. But is there even one suggestion to bring dollars? Not a word in this budget. It is said that 3 billion dollars will be received from the IMF, but our country needs 12 billion dollars only to pay the debt for one year and for essential expenses until 2025. Is there an answer to our question that we received 3 billion dollars? We need to find another way.” He said

He expressed these views while participating in the debate on the second reading of the Appropriation Bill in Parliament.

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