Diyathalawa Accident: Seven Killed, Investigation Underway

A tragic accident occurred during a race in Sri Lanka on Sunday at Fox hill Diyathalawa when a race car lost control and crashed into a crowd of spectators and race officials. Seven people were killed, and 20 others sustained injuries, according to officials.

tragic accident at a race event in Sri Lanka, where seven lost their lives and many more were injured. Stay updated as authorities investigate the incident, providing insights into the cause and implications of the mishap

The incident happened in Diyatalawa, a town located in the central hills known for tea cultivation, approximately 180 kilometers (110 miles) east of Colombo, the capital city. Thousands of spectators witnessed the unfortunate event unfold during the race.

The cause of the accident remains uncertain. According to police spokesman Nihal Thalduwa, one of the cars lost control, veered off the track, and collided with spectators and event officials. Seven people, including four officials, lost their lives, and another 20 individuals were taken to the hospital for treatment, with three in critical condition.

Thalduwa mentioned that the police have initiated an investigation into the incident, which occurred during the 17th event out of 24 scheduled races. Following the accident, the race was halted.

The race circuit, located at a Sri Lankan military academy, had approximately 45,000 spectators in attendance. The event was jointly organized by the Sri Lankan army and Sri Lanka Automobile Sports.