Writer of the “Oshin drama died” ; Sugako Hashida

Sugako Hashida the writer who wrote the Oshin drama had died few days ago and She was ninety-five years old when she died.

It is amazing that she had died April 4, 2021 in the day which the 38th anniversary of the airing of the first Oshin episode.

Oshin was produced by NHK Japan and It was Presented to the Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation with the sponsorship of the Japan Foundation.The story line reflects a mother’s humanity, compassion, self-sacrifice, courage and unconditional love for her child.

In 1973, she wrote her first teleplay. Its name is Ai to Shi o Mitsumete and Oshin was written during the period 1983-84. The background to writing this series is provided by some unknown letter that the author recieved. The letters were written by a woman in the Meiji era.