US blacklisted Chinese supercomputer groups

What is a supercomputer?

Super computers can make billions of calculations per second. Also their performance level is higher when compared to normal computers.

Supercomputers are developed using thousands of connected processors. They are used for functions like forecasting weather and climate trends, simulating nuclear tests , pharmaceutical research and also for the development of advanced weapons such as hypersonic missiles.

Why US is worrying?

US is worried about China will gain access to American technology and also fear that the China will use that knowledge to close the gap with the US military.

“Do you think China is waiting around to invest in its digital infrastructure or research and development? I promise you, they are not waiting,” Mr Biden said in a speech in this week.Also Mr Biden said China and the rest of the world “are racing ahead of us in the investments they have in the future”. BBC

Why blacklisted?

Three companies and four branches of China’s National Supercomputing Center were added to the US blacklist yesterday for building supercomputers to help its military.

It is the first move by the Biden administration to make it harder for China to obtain US technology

This will stop American companies from exporting technology to the Chinese groups without proper approval.