Happy Birthday Jungkook- Everyone wishing happiest birthday to the cute bunny

Jeon Jungkook BTS s youngest member BTS family “Golden Maknae” is turning 24 years old today. Their fans aka “BTS Army”  make sure to express their love for the singer in grand gestures.

Fans around the world had shown their love in different ways and the BTS Army in India have dedicated a billboard to him.  fans in Mumbai have rented a bus shelter billboard in Mulund West and designed it with pictures of Jungkook introducing him as the multi-talented artist that he is. Also  the billboard features QR Codes to his solo songs like Euphoria, Still With You, My Time, and Begin.


Meanwhile chinese BTS army  decided to take it to another level by making a custom-themed cruise ship which will sail along the Han river in the Seoul capital city of South Korea. With this Jungkook will become the first artist to have own custom-themed cruise ship parade with an illumination show in Seoul.


Also the chines BTS ARMY desided to make a coustomized 7 meters high stage structure resembling the cover design of  his solo song still with you. It is going toplace near BTS management company building HYBE for entire his birthday week.


Not only them BTS Indonesian ARMY decided to dedicate 10 led bulb banners for his birthday
At Kuningan City, at the South of Jakarta.


Not only that the international fan base of the artist is also making sure that Jungkook’s stature takes over Europe as well. Near the Duomo Cathedral at Milan, Italy, fans will be dedicating 5 Maxi LED birthday Ads promoting Jungkook.


Also fans around the world do not forget to organise an special event in his birth town Busan. So lets get together to wish this amazing man a happiest birthday and a greatest future ahead.

Here are his pictures from child hood.