Today is the World Children’s Day and World Adults Day.

Today is the World Children’s Day and World Adults Day.

The theme of this year’s World Children’s Day is “Our Dreaming World”.

World Children’s Day is celebrated in all countries of the world, considering it the utmost duty of all mankind to give priority to the protection of children’s rights.

 It is special to celebrate this World Children’s Day on different days of the year in each country.

The celebration of World Children’s Day, which started on the second Sunday of June in the year 1856, has been used by countries around the world on June 1st, November 20th, etc. and Sri Lanka’s World Children’s Day is celebrated on October 1st.

On October 1, 1955, World Children’s Day was first celebrated together all over the world.

The children in Sri Lanka are currently facing many problems as never before

Foremost among them is the problem of having a balanced diet.

The International Children’s Fund as well as the United Nations focused on Sri Lanka on many occasions and said that the number of hungry children is increasing.

 In addition to this, the increasing trend of children being abused through cyberspace and children being brutalized in school has hurt children in Sri Lanka.

In the face of such challenges, the entire society has a strong responsibility to protect the children of this country.

Meanwhile, ‘A strong adult for a changing world is the theme of this year’s World Elders Day.

In developed countries, the population over 65 years of age is also considered the elderly population, while in developing countries, the population over 60 is considered the elderly population.

Meanwhile, the National Elderly Secretariat has organized many programs today for Elderly Day. Among the strong social problems facing this country, the increase in the elderly population should also be noted.

Mr. Kapila Lanarole, Director of the National Elderly Secretariat, said that nearly 10,000 elderly people live in more than 300 elderly homes in this country.