Food inflation in Sri Lanka rises to 94.9% in September

The Department of Census and Statistics said that the increase in food prices in September was 94.9%. The department disclosed this while publishing the latest data on inflation. According to the Colombo Consumer Price Index, the increase in food prices in Sri Lanka last August was 93.7%.

This month, it has increased to 94.9% mainly due to the increase in the prices of food items including meat, fish, dried fruits, vegetables, potatoes and onions, according to the Population and Statistics Department.

The price of goods and services in the non-food category has increased by 57.6% during this month. The Department of Population Records and Statistics stated that the increase in the prices of transport, water, electricity, house rents as well as kerosene is the main reason for this.

Thus, the rate of increase in the overall price of goods or inflation in September is 69.8%.