The Queen’s last appearance had signs of death – Australian doctor Deb Cohen

British Queen Elizabeth II, who passed away yesterday, met the new Prime Minister Liz Truss two days before her death, and the Queen’s last gestures were recorded by photos and videos at that time.

 The ‘Guardian’ newspaper reveals in an article that a doctor has pointed out that the queen’s poor appearance is a sign that she will die in a few days.

Dr Deb Cohen-Jones, who lives in Perth, Western Australia, said photographs of Queen Elizabeth II’s hands, which she posed with new UK Prime Minister Liz Truss at Scotland’s Balmoral Castle on Tuesday, showed signs of deteriorating health..

 ‘There seems to be evidence of peripheral vascular disease. It’s a circulatory disorder that causes the blood vessels outside your heart and brain to narrow, block or spasm,’ she said.

‘It usually causes heart attacks. If your peripheral circulation is poor, the organs will not get a good blood supply. It could be a sign of multiple organ failure.’ Common symptoms of the disease include intermittent pain, aches or muscle fatigue, ‘coldness’ in the affected body part, numbness and pins and needles.” She said..

The late Queen’s arms were found to be ‘bloated’ and droopy, which occurs when the heart can no longer pump blood effectively. Blood pressure slowly drops and blood flow throughout the body slows, causing the extremities to feel cold to the touch.

Sadly, Dr Deb confirmed that if Queen Elizabeth II was suffering from a chronic illness, she would have been in ‘a lot of pain’ as it ‘looked quite severe’.

“There is no way of knowing exactly how long the ‘mottling’ was there, as the Queen was rarely seen in public and often wore gloves.” She explained