Political Crisis in Sri Lanka-All the Ambassadors should stop the Twitter game and help Sri Lanka

In a situation where the foreign ambassadors in the country are exerting a strong influence on all sectors of the country, it seems that it has become a serious threat to the independence of a country.

The United National Freedom Front insists that the diplomatic service officers in this country should understand that Sri Lanka is no longer a colony controlled by any country.

 This is the press release issued by the party in this regard

Ambassadors should stop the Twitter game  and help Sri Lanka

It is a fact that we all generally accept that Sri Lanka as a country has suffered a huge economic collapse. Along with the economic collapse, the country has entered a political, social and cultural decline. We think that all the rulers who have ruled this country so far and the group of officers who have contributed to that situation are more or less responsible.

We would like to emphasize that if any political party, organization or influential group tries to escape from this responsibility by placing that responsibility on one person, it is further deceiving the people. It is our understanding that solutions to the current situation caused by all parties, or the economic crisis, should be found through a collective effort.

When we examine the uprising of civilians in the country for more than four months, the main thing we can observe is economic instability, after that, we can see political instability, rule of law, unemployment, educated young people leaving the country, etc. In addition, the then president The irrational decisions taken in the agricultural sector and the intellectual decisions taken by the people who were called to justify them had a huge impact.

The people’s agitations that arose all over the country eventually turned into a tsunami of people and moved to the point where the rulers were thrown out. It is a fair people’s movement. Not only the five great forces of the country but also professionals, artists, businessmen, industrialists, rich people and elites all became members of this struggle. Even small children came to the struggle ground. The Sri Lankan people at home and abroad made a big noise saying that the Rajapaksa should leave power.

We as a party still refer to that people’s struggle as a peaceful struggle carried out by peaceful people. We see the attack on the non-violent struggle for almost 90 days by a group of undeveloped political thugs who came from the Temple House on May 09 as the beginning of the end of the Rajapakse regime. We cannot under any circumstances condone the murders, robberies, burning of houses and destruction of private and public property.

It is the responsibility of the current administration to strictly implement the law for all of them regardless of their rank. We have a fair judicial system for that. Western embassies don’t need to issue tweets. Following the resignation of former President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, a new President and Prime Minister have formed a government according to the provisions of the Constitution.

Whether one likes it or not, at a moment like this, the best thing that can be done according to the constitution of the country is implemented, not the thoughts of each individual or group. There can be people in any country’s society who think that everything should happen according to their wishes. All of them should understand that the laws of a country are made according to common norms. That is why an act that can harm society, in general, is a crime.

Although the country has not fully recovered under the new administration, it seems that the country is moving in a better direction than the previous situation. This does not mean that we should abandon our struggle for democracy and economic freedom. The International Monetary Fund and other Western and European countries kept telling us that they would begin negotiations on economic relief and loans only after the country was stabilized.

But what is happening now is that the embassies are occasionally interfering in the internal affairs of the country and issuing tweets. This is a serious danger to the sovereignty and identity of the country. Ambassadors overstepping the bounds of their diplomatic service is another threat to our judicial process and legal system. As the United National Freedom Front, we strongly insist that this is an unnecessary interference in internal issues.

Instead, we request those ambassadors to help us in good faith as possible to get out of the economic crisis that the country is in.

President’s Counsel Maitri Gunaratne Secretary General United National Freedom Front

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