Does Sri Lanka now taking permission from India before permit a ship in to the country? – Enraging India, a Pakistani missile ship to Sri Lanka & an American military ship to India

Among the heat that has arisen regarding the Chinese ship, a new conversation has emerged in the Indian media regarding a Pakistani missile warship.

It is related to the permission of the Sri Lankan government to enter the port of Colombo to the attack missile warship Taimur belonging to the Pakistan Navy.

 It is reported that this Chinese-made fighter ship is scheduled to arrive in this country on its first visit to Pakistan after a military exercise with the Cambodian and Malaysian navies.

While the ship was on its way to Pakistan from Lumut Port in Malaysia, it requested permission to enter Bangladesh’s Chatrogram port for services, but the Bangladesh government did not grant the permission, resulting in the ship arriving in Sri Lanka.

Indian media reports that Bangladesh did not give permission to the Pakistani ship because the Prime Minister of Bangladesh, Mrs. Sheikh Hasina, is preparing to start several development programs with India in the future.

Accordingly, this offensive missile warship is scheduled to arrive at the port of Colombo from August 12th to 15th and receive services.

 In the background of a new conversation about the geopolitics of the Indian Ocean and Indo-China cooperation in Sri Lanka, for the first time in history, an American Navy ship has arrived in India for maintenance work.

The Charles Drew ship has arrived at the Kattuppalli port in Chennai, India.

The ship is being maintained under the Indo-US strategic partnership. Accordingly, it is reported that the ship Charles Drew has arrived at Chennai, Kattuppalli port last Sunday and it has been anchored at that port for 11 days.

US Navy ships are currently being maintained in Diego Garcia Island and Singapore in the Indian Ocean and accordingly, Chennai Kattuppalli Port will be the latest place where US Navy ships are being maintained.

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