Despite India’s objection the Chinese ship will arrive at Hambantota port on Thursday morning without listening to Sri Lanka’s request

Indian News Service reports that the Chinese ship ‘Yuan Van 05’ is moving towards Sri Lanka despite India’s objection and ignoring Sri Lanka’s request.

India’s NDTV said that the ship is currently on its way to Sri Lanka’s Hambantota port in Indonesia’s waters.

The report states that the ship is positioning itself to reach Hambantota port and it will reach Hambantota by 09.30 am on Thursday.

India has strongly objected to the arrival of this ship in Sri Lanka, and for that reason, Sri Lanka has also requested the Chinese government to delay the ship’s journey.

But the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs responded by saying that India should not interfere in the relations between China and Sri Lanka and that Sri Lanka has the right to deal with any country of its choice according to its non-aligned policy.