An appeal from the New Zealand killer?

The man who attacked two mosques and killed 51 Muslims in New Zealand’s Christchurch two years ago is expected to appeal against his “life sentence,” his lawyer said.

Brenton Tarrant has said he will be forced to plead guilty and will therefore appeal against the sentence handed down to him by the court.

On March 15, 2019, Tarantino stormed two mosques, killing 51 worshipers and injuring 40 others.

It was cited as the worst mass shooting ever recorded in New Zealand. Tarrant was jailed for life last year after the trial and will not be pardoned.

It is the first time in New Zealand history that an accused has been jailed for life.

Tarrant told his lawyer, Tony Ellis, that he had admitted to treating him “inhumanely and very lowly” before the trial began.