An investigation by the Human Rights Commission to find out the reasons for the economic crisis in Sri Lanka

 The Sri Lanka Human Rights Commission has planned to start an investigation to find out the causes of the economic crisis in the country.

 The commission stated that due to various political reasons, it will pay close attention to the impact on the country’s economy through the occasional change in national policies.

In this investigation, the responsible authorities have acted irresponsibly in making decisions in principle, ignoring the national interest in the separation of ministries and scopes, and the impact on the country’s economy.

The commission also stated that it is expected to receive statements from the Central Bank of Sri Lanka, the Ministry of Finance, the ministries related to the implementation of national policies, which are directly related to the economy of the country, and who are currently working and who have worked before.

For that, the support of several economic experts will also be obtained.

The Human Rights Commission stated that this investigation is being conducted based on the violation of the people’s rights to live through the collapse of the economy.

The UN Human Rights Commissioner’s report to the recently held Geneva Human Rights Council session also clarified the facts regarding the economic crimes that occurred in Sri Lanka.

In that report, she pointed out that in order to get a permanent solution to the economic crisis that has affected the human rights of all communities, attention must be paid to the corruption that is rooted in this country.

 She also emphasized the need to take action regarding past and recent human rights violations and economic crimes in Sri Lanka.