Imran Khan is going to apologise

Imran Khan is going to apologise

The Islamabad High Court has announced a settlement of the contempt of court case against Pakistan’s former Prime Minister and leader of the PTI party, Imran Khan today.

 That is when Imran Khan met the judge who allegedly threatened her and said that she is ready to apologise.

At a rally held in Islamabad last August, Imran Khan criticized the judge’s remand of PTI leader Shabazz Gill on charges of sedition.

It was accused of a threat to the judge. He was summoned to the Islamabad High Court to file charges against Imran Khan, saying his initial response to the incident was inadequate today.

The court also said that meeting the judge was his personal matter. After giving an affidavit within a week, the case will be reconsidered in the court on October 3rd.

 If Imran Khan is found guilty in this case, he risks being banned from politics for five years. Pakistan’s general elections are scheduled to be held next year.