Inflation in Sri Lanka-1Kilogram of Flour is 500 So a bread will sold for 350.. buns for 150 may be there is no bread in a month

The All Ceylon Bakeries Association states that if a solution is not given to the current shortage of wheat flour in the country, within a month, the bakery production including bread buns will be completely lost.

Its chairman Mr NK Jayawardena states that in such a situation people will not be able to go and buy a piece of bread.

Due to the shortage of foreign exchange, the main flour import companies in this country are currently stopped importing their flour stocks.

He also said that due to the importation of flour, there is a debt amount of 700 million dollars to be paid, so only hand money is able to get more flour.

 He further said that the price of a bundle of flour has increased to 25,000 rupees and if you buy flour at that price and make bread, a piece of bread can cost more than 350 rupees and a bun can cost more than 150 rupees.