Economic Crisis in Sri Lanka-The generator that was stopped in Norochchole Power Plant is back on the national system

The first generator of the Norochchole power plant, which was inactive, has been reconnected to the national system after repairs.

 The Ceylon Electricity Board stated that, accordingly, a capacity of 600 MW will be added to the national system from the Norochchole power plant.

However, the Electricity Board mentioned that the repair work of the second generator of the plant is still going on.

At present, 50% of the daily electricity generation is generated by hydropower.

 Meanwhile, the Public Utilities Commission (PUCSL) has informed the General Manager of the Electricity Board to inform about the possibility of reducing the daily power cuts due to the reconnection of the first generator that was disabled in Norochchole to the system.

 However, electricity will be cut for 3 hours on the island today as well.