The economic and political crisis in Sri Lanka-A woman who came to exchange fake 500 rupee notes from a government bank was arrested

A woman who came to transfer five fake Rs 500 notes from a government bank in Hatton city was caught by the bank’s officials and handed over to the Hatton police.

The woman, the resident of the Hatton Kuilwatta area, came to the bank and told the cashier of the bank that the 500 rupees note in the pocket of her dress was destroyed by water while washing her clothes, so she should transfer the money.

The money notes given by the woman were checked by the bank officials and confirmed to be fake notes, so the woman was handed over to the Hatton Police for investigation.

The arrested woman is a 30-year-old mother of two and the suspect will be presented to the Hatton Magistrate’s Court, Hatton Police Chief Inspector Ranjith Jayasena said.