Russia – Sri Lanka fuel corporation – Russia asks to give oil for two years, Cipetco bosses pull back due to lack of commission

It has been three weeks since Russia’s Intum Holdings Company submitted a memorandum of understanding to the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation to provide $300 million worth of petroleum monthly on a two-year credit basis at 15%-35% lower than the current price in the world market.

 Mr Jayantha Samaraweera, MP of the National Organizer of the National Freedom Front, has alleged that the commission-sucking officers of the corporation are purposefully working to sabotage the project because they do not receive commissions from the project.

He also emphasized that at this moment when more than twenty people have died in the oil queues, the President, the Minister of Power and Energy and the Cabinet should take immediate steps to implement the project without succumbing to the aforementioned officials.

Mr. Samaraweera said the following while attending a press conference held at the head office of the National Freedom Front in Pitakotta yesterday (05).

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