A fastest spreading corona variant found in Sri Lanka

A new type of coronavirus that is spreading the fastest around the world has been identified in Sri Lanka.

Dr Chandima, Head of the Department of Allergy Immunology and Cell Biology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Sri Jayewardenepura, points out that with the spread of this strain, a dire situation will be created in the country.

‘According to the latest genetic analysis, our institute has found the Omicron sub-variety called BA5 as the most prevalent variety in Sri Lanka, especially around Colombo. We discovered this for the first time in Sri Lanka. This has been identified as the main strain for the spread of the Covid-19 disease all over the world. This is the type that can spread the fastest after the detection of Covid-19. Therefore, there is a risk that the number of patients will increase in the future. That is what we should prepare for.’ He said