The army provides Diesel to bring vegetables to Colombo

Mr Nandana Galaboda, District Registrar of Nuwara Eliya, said that the lorries that transport vegetables daily from the Nuwara Eliya Economic Center to the Colombo Menin Market and other provinces’ economic centres have started issuing diesel fuel from the Sri Lanka 3rd Lion Regiment Army Camp, Nuwara Eliya on (01).

Thus, the officials of the Nuwara Eliya Economic Center gave a list of lorries running daily. The district secretary said that steps have been taken to release fuel from the army camp to those lorries and to the lorries that bring the harvest of the farmers growing vegetables in the Nuwara Eliya area to the Nuwara Eliya Economic Center every day.

Farmers growing vegetables in Nuwara Eliya were in a conflict state as they were unable to send their crops to the market due to a lack of diesel fuel.