The economic crisis in Sri Lanka-Oil reserves are depleted, and The country is on the verge of collapse

Media reports that Sri Lanka currently has insufficient fuel reserves for a single day.
At present, there are only 1100 tons of petrol and 7500 tons of diesel.

The report also said that international companies have badly documented Sri Lanka due to Sri Lanka’s default on loans and are requesting a guarantee from an international bank to supply fuel to Sri Lanka.

No fuel tankers have arrived in the country during the past week The report further states that if a fuel tanker does not arrive soon, even public transport will be disrupted and the country will be completely inactive.

 It said the issuance of fuel to the public on a token basis would also be futile as the existing small fuel stocks are issued only for essential services.

According to sources, the power cuts will be extended due to the inability of the power plants to supply the required stocks of fuel.

– Daily Mirror-