Economic crisis in Sri Lanka -Politicians take fuel without any restrictions

A large number of people were queuing day and night to get fuel from two petrol stations on the Kandy-Kurunegala road in the Aladeniya and Hedeniya areas.

People also allege that the vehicles of a politician in the area get fuel without queuing and without any restrictions.

People say that the politician has a large number of passenger buses and that no matter how many people are in the queue, they will come to the queue first and get fuel for their line of buses.

Filling station officials said he had instructed the politician’s buses to refuel first. It is alleged that the vehicles of the politicians’ allies were chased out of the line of buses and released outside the queue. It is said that if anyone in the queue opposes this, they will be severely threatened.

People say that the politician’s two sons and his friends will be the first to come out of the queue as soon as the fuel supply starts, no matter how many people are waiting in line at the petrol station in Aladeniya, which has only petrol.

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