600 acres in Colombo to be cultivated -Rosy Senanayake

The Colombo Municipal Council has taken steps to cultivate short, medium and long-term harvest crops in an area of ​​600 acres in the Colombo Municipal Area.

Mayor Rosy Senanayake said that other information, including knowledge, could be obtained through the Colombo Municipal Council’s website and the ‘Urban Harvest by CMC’ Facebook page set up for the project.

She further stated that due to the low income of about 60% of the population of the city of Colombo, an accelerated cultivation project has been initiated to encourage the people of Colombo to cultivate essential food crops in their backyards, office premises and wherever possible and to make the city of Colombo self-sufficient.

The program is implemented with the participation of volunteers, social empowerment organizations and the private sector.

So under this; Distribution of essential food coupons to families in need of relief services and relief. Organizing dehydration programs for vegetables and fruits removed through economic centres and weekly markets in the city of Colombo. Introduction of income-generating methods for unemployed families, The Public Library will also have a team of agricultural advisors assigned to provide services, etc.