The fandom of BTS ” ARMY” ranked as the best fandom in Sri Lanka by ranking first in continuously- Sri Lankan BTS ARMY, became the biggest Fandom for a foreign music in the country in the century

The South Korean pop band the Bang Tan Sonyeondan aka translated as the Bulletproof Boy Scouts is now leading the pop music world. In shorts, they are well known as BTS. Because of the popularity impact of their music is not only stayed in South Korea but also in all the countries around the world.

So the impact of their music on Sri Lankan society is no different than other countries in the world. Even though BTS received many backlashes from many, the growth of their fandom in the country never stops. Because of this many hating groups started to directly target the ARMY s and some even started disguising as ARMY s to post inappropriate posts to defame the fandom.

But no matter what happened fandom in Sri Lanka aka ” Sri Lankan BTS ARMY ” withstand all the circumstances continuing to grow as usual. This had made history in Sri Lanka as the biggest fandom for foreign music in the country in the century. As a result #BTSARMY became top on many social media platforms.