The Princess Mako who renounces royal privileges for love

 Princess Mako, the granddaughter of the Japanese emperor, has married her school friend and left the royal family, according to foreign media.

The couple got engaged a few years ago and the marriage was postponed due to media reports about “Ki Kamuro”‘s mother.

As a result, Princess Mako was reported to have developed a mental illness. They are both in their 30s.

About 4 years ago, the couple announced their engagement, which was well received by the Japanese people. But Japanese tabloids reported that Kei Kamuro’s mother was involved in a major money laundering scandal.

 As a result, the Japanese press was constantly on the lookout for him. The marriage was later postponed and he went to the United States in 2018 to study law.

He returned to Japan last month. The Japanese media reported that their wedding was held in a very modest manner.

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