Throw away the mobile phones made in China because blockng 449 words such as “democracy movement” & “free Tibet”- Lithuanian Ministry of Defense

Foreign media reported that the Lithuanian Ministry of Defense is asking the people of China to throw away the mobile phones made in China.

Authorities in China have also warned people not to buy Chinese-made mobile phones. The warning was issued following an investigation by the National Cyber ​​Security Center into 5G mobile phones made in China.

The center said Xiaomi contained tools to control the writing of certain words on a mobile phone and that there were flaws in the security system of a Huawei-type mobile phone.

For example, Xiaomi’s Mi 10T 5G devices contained tools that could detect and block words such as “Free Tibet”, “Long live Taiwan independence” or “democracy movement”. Lithuanian authorities say Xiaomi has the capability to block 449 such readings.