Sri Lankan Famers use the harvest for composting

Some of the farmers who grow vegetables in Nuwara Eliya say that the harvest will be cut off and used for composting as the vegetable production was not successful this season.

 The farmers said that they had grown leeks, cabbage, carrots and lettuce during this season and that there was no market price for the vegetables as they did not use chemical fertilizers and pesticides and the color and yield of their produce had decreased.

The farmers say that the Nuwara Eliya Agrarian Services Center does not provide chemical fertilizers to the farmers who grow vegetables on a small scale and their cultivation cannot be accustomed to using organic fertilizer all at once.

Due to the prevailing situation, the future of Nuwara Eliya vegetable growers is at high risk due to the lack of high demand for vegetables grown in Nuwara Eliya.