Risk of corona in Jaffna increases, More than 10,000 infected found and over 200 deaths were reported

Jaffna District Government Agent Kanapathipillai Maheshan said that the daily number of corona infections in the Jaffna District has increased rapidly and more than 10,000 cases have been reported and 200 deaths have been reported.

“So far 8616 persons belonging to 3019 families in Jaffna have been directed to the self quarantine process. We urge the public not to leave their homes and to assist health officials as much as possible as the current situation is extremely dangerous” he said.

He said this while he was speaking to the media at the Jaffna District Secretariat regarding the current situation in Jaffna.

Speaking further the Government Agent said that the number of corona deaths in Jaffna has crossed the 200 mark due to the increase in the last few days. Also, the number of infected people has exceeded 10,000 and the daily number of infected persons exceeds 130.