How BTS Jungkook sell Jin for Icecream (cute reactions)

BTS members have an amazing relationship. Some of their iconic phrases were caught Armies eyes. This happened when they were in a shopping mall and Jin and Jungkook were there selecting items.

Then v started to say from the distance ” Ice cream, we gotta have ice cream ” and everyone started to come near to the place where ice cream was stored.

Meanwhile, Minyoongi was concerned about how they will carry them and asked “wouldn’t it be melted.” While others were waiting for staff to buy ice cream.

One staff asked Jungkook ” what will you do for Icecream ” and Jungkook said ” I’ll give you Jin” without thinking twice.

Armies found Jin’s facial reaction was so funny and commented how cute they were.
They were also mentioned Jin’s love towards Jungkook and reminds him telling he raised Jungkook.”

They also remind Jungkooks loving word “I left Busan and came to Seoul, raised Jin Hyung”

Also, they mentioned Jin calling him ” this Kid, you punk” and how he even once said I raised you wrong”

Armies know how BTS older members were loving towards Jungkook and how older members said that he was so lucky to be with them.