# save Jimin Why fans are mad with BTS Jimin for trying to kiss jungkook? – spammers attack Jimin on WEAVERS

If you are a fan of BTS for a long time you should know who they are. They are the most viewed K-pop boy band in history. So, without further due let’s look into what happened.

We all know that its members are so loving toward each other and they are joking around flirting with each other


Nevertheless a special video caught fans eyes and it brought so many mixed opinions. It shows that Jimin just trying to flirt with jungkook. But some fans started to attack Jimin saying that he made Jungkook uncomfortable.

The clip just showing that Jimin and Jungkook have been themselves as usual but some fans didn’t like it because they said jungkook seem not to like it.

But trough Army knows that that’s the way they are and jokingly flirt with each other and there is nothing to make a fuss about it.

But an unexpected thing happened after Jim opened WEVERES yesterday. People who were attacking Twitter started to spam messages on WEVERES. They started to send him very mean messages and Jimin was only active there for three hours.

Jimin has told that he’s there because he couldn’t sleep on and he was advising fans who needed on WEVERES and fans were sharing their thoughts with him.

True fans were wishing that Jim did not see any of those mean messages. Many fans were telling those haters to let the BTS be themselves if you love them and they do not need to live according to fans standards.

Also, Jimin has said before that he had an affair before he started his career and even they had kissed each other back then. So there is enough evidence that he’s not gay.

But the Army respect them no matter who they are and the real army will accept them even they come out as gay.

They also commented how they were disappointed about those people who were sexualizing an innocent joke and reminds how Jimin love and care about jungcook as his younger brother. Once Jimin has told that jungcook reminds him of his little brother.

” Stay away from them they are family” one commented. Yes of course Armys know that they are not just one k-pop group they are family.