The infection and death rate in Sri Lanka is much higher than in India

According to the Association of Specialist Physicians, the number of corona infections in Sri Lanka is on the rise and if the situation continues to worsen, the health system of the country will be collapsed.

Therefore, the government should take steps to maintain the existing restrictions, President of the Association, Dr Lakkumara Fernando said.

There are many shortcomings in the current active travel restrictions and that they should be rectified and re-imposed to make any progress within these limits, It would take more than two weeks for it to function properly as any progress had not yet been made due to the existing shortcomings; he said.

He further explained that the sperad is higher in Sri Lanka when it compares population in Sri Lanka to the population of India.

He said that the existing restrictions should not be removed in this situation and his association had written to the President to take necessary steps to look into the situation further.