Triple homicide in Minuwangoda:

On October 6, 2022, a triple homicide was reported from Minuwangoda. According to sources, the murders were related to a 2017 kite-related event and a fight between two youths.

A 51-year-old dad and his two kids, ages 23 and 24, were brutally killed, adding another more body to a long list of killings.

Their home had been visited by several shooters who arrived on a motorcycle and a car and committed the murder.

Unverified sources claimed that the murders were carried out with T-56 assault rifles while the perpetrators pretended to be members of the police.

Before starting the shooting, the assailants chased the two young men’s mother and sister out of the house.

Pushpakumara Silva, also known as Ralahamy, was 51 years old when he passed away in the hospital, and his two sons, Suresh Jeewantha, 24, and Roshan Maduwanta, 23, also passed away immediately.

News 1st was informed by Sri Lanka Police and neighbors about a quarrel involving a kite and an argument between two youngsters that occurred in 2017.

First and Second Murders:

A young man was flying a kite in a field in Minuwangdoa on August 25, 2017, when it collided with Suraj Dananjaya’s kite, another young person in the same neighborhood.

When Roshan Maduwanta—one of the men killed in the triple homicide—was visited by Suraj Dananjaya’s father Lal Premasiri and his son to seek clarification on the situation, the argument between the men reached a new level.

According to reports, Pushpakumara Silva, also known as Ralahamy, Roshan Maduwanta, and Suresh Jeewantha viciously murdered Suraj Dananjaya and his father after arguing (The three men who were killed on the 6th of October). Additionally, it was claimed that Justin Rathnaseela De Silva, Ralahamy’s brother, was also implicated.
The third killing:
Ralahamy’s brother Justin Ratnaseela De Silva was fatally shot on August 5, 2018, as the case was going to trial.
Lakshitha Lakmal, the cousin of the murdered Suraj Dananjaya and the son of Lal Premasiri’s brother, was the primary suspect in that slaying.
The fourth crime:

On June 20, 2021, while Lakshita was riding his motorcycle and was hit by a car, he was fatally cut to death. Lakshita was on bail for the murder.

Pushpakumara Silva, alias Ralahamy, Roshan Maduwanta, and Suresh Jeewantha were the three primary suspects in the murder of Lakshitha Lakmal (The three men who were killed on the 6th of October)

Three houses were burned down on the same day in 2021, and the three men had moved back into a smaller home after being granted bail by the court.

The murders of 5th, 6th, and 7th:

As part of the line of homicides connected to the 2017 Kite Case, the father and his two sons were brutally shot and killed on Thursday, June 6, early in the morning.


On Thursday, June 6, when they were riding in an Anuradhapura Route 57 bus, three individuals connected to the triple homicide were detained by Sri Lanka Police and the Police Special Task Force.