Economic Crisis in Sri Lanka-63 lakh people in Sri Lanka in a huge food crisis – World Food Programme

According to the latest data released by the World Food Programme, four out of every five families are still in the habit of skipping meals or reducing the amount of food they eat to cope with the difficulties caused by the economic crisis in Sri Lanka.

Also about 63 lakh Sri Lankans are suffering from food insecurity and only 23 lakh 50 thousand US dollars have been received out of the 630 lakh US dollars needed to support 34 lakh Sri Lankans from July to December.

It has been mentioned in the report that Sri Lankans are still suffering from the economic crisis and the prices of essential goods in Colombo and its surrounding areas are still high. According to the Colombo Consumer Price Index, the inflation which was 60.8% in July has risen to 64.3 % in August.

The World Food Program has indicated in the report that there is a fear that Sri Lanka’s food security will worsen due to this. According to the report, Sri Lanka’s fuel shortage has disrupted the supply chain in the local market and has put pressure on the prices of local goods in the market.