Political conflict in Sri Lanka-Lifting the ban on Tamil Organisations will bring dollars to Sri Lanka?

Lawyer Pratibha Mahanama Hewa states that lifting the ban on six international Tamil organizations and 316 people in this country can be a ploy to bring the Tamil National Alliance into the all-party government.

He also claims that the Tamil National Alliance can join an all-party government after hearing about this situation.

He also said that the organizations whose ban has been life canto use the unreleased funds of billions of dollars in foreign countries for development activities in the North and East.

He said that if this could be done, there would be some relief to the foreign exchange crisis facing Sri Lanka, but he could not say whether such a thing would happen.

 However, in recent times the Tamil National Alliance had also mentioned that the dollar crisis in Sri Lanka can be solved with the money owned by the Tamil diaspora.

Former President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa had also been informed about this by the Tamil National Alliance and submitted a proposal.

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