We hope to provide the necessary assistance to obtain IMF assistance – Chinese Ambassador to Sri Lanka

The Ministry of Monetary, Economic Stabilization and National Policy say that the Sri Lankan authorities are working with debt restructuring consultants to reach an agreement on the debt restructuring program.

 The Ministry of Finance announced the progress of the negotiations with the International Monetary Fund.

It shows that the credit counsellors have made considerable progress with the analytical framework for the credit operation before formally starting work with creditors in Sri Lanka.

The announcement issued by the Ministry of Finance states that the government is obliged to work in good faith with its creditors to establish a comprehensive debt restructuring program that achieves fair and sustainable results for all stakeholders.

Meanwhile, Chinese Ambassador Hee Sen Hong says that since China is also a member of the International Monetary Fund, China hopes that Sri Lanka’s negotiations with the International Monetary Fund will be successful.

The Chinese ambassador assured us that necessary support will be provided at the IMF board meeting. These comments were expressed during the meeting between Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena and the Chinese Ambassador to Sri Lanka Mr Hee Sen Hong at the Prime Minister’s Office.

Mr Hee Sen Hong emphasized the importance of increasing Chinese tourism to Sri Lanka once again in that meeting.

Chinese investment opportunities related to industry and agriculture in the Hambantota Economic Zone centred on the Southern Province have also been discussed here.

Given the current economic crisis, the importance of strengthening the existing economic, agricultural and cultural relations between China and Sri Lanka is another point that has been emphasized in this meeting.