Political Crisis in Sri Lanka-The protesters are asking for international intervention in Sri Lanka- The black cap movement

The black cap movement organization claims that there is a need for international intervention regarding the attack on the Galle Face protesters.

They mention this in a statement released yesterday. New President’s Galle Face   Attack Needs International Intervention: Press Release.

After Ranil Wickremesinghe was sworn in as the new President, the buildings occupied by the protesters were to be symbolically given up today (22).

But despite the situation, the power was spread to the area around the Presidential Secretariat in a strict repressive manner yesterday midnight.

There, not only the unarmed and peaceful protesters but also the journalists were shamelessly attacked, kidnapped and arrested in a terrorist act.

The Black Cap Movement, as a party group in the protest, clearly emphasizes that the president should bear full responsibility for this attack and that an investigation with international intervention should be conducted.

Victory to the protest!

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