Italian holds a record of obtaining a degree at the age of 98

According to foreign media, a 98-year-old Italian named Giuseppe Paterno has managed to set a record for the oldest person to receive a degree in the country.

He recently set this new record by earning his advanced degree in history and philosophy from the University of Palermo, Italy.

Two years ago, at the age of 96, he completed the General degree of this degree and succeeded in setting this record first. Paterno, who was born in Sicily, Italy in 1923, is said to have suffered from poverty since childhood.

 Accordingly, he only had the opportunity for primary education and with the beginning of the Second World War, he joined the Navy. Then he was employed in the railway service at the age of 20.

However, Paterno, who has not given up his interest in learning, has completed his high school education at the age of 31. Later, he got married and became the father of children.

 After his children have become adults, he has turned his attention to his education again In the year 2017, he was admitted to this degree in the university. It is also mentioned that he used books for his research without using the current internet facilities while doing his education.

Accordingly, defeating poverty, the Second World War, as well as the covid-19 pandemic and obtaining a degree at such an age, is a unique talent of his. Foreign media say that he is an example for everyone.

Paterno, who has always had a habit of reading, says that it helped him for all these successes.