What is happening in Sri Lanka- Sri Lankans have different opinions about removing President Gotabaya, Some criticise the protest

Here are some comments people put about a flight that refused to take president from  Male to Singapore.

“People still don’t understand that the economy crashed as part of the plan. The discount started in 2018. Mangala 2017-2018 took the stock of non-payable loans. The president who brought in the Sinhalese people drove away by Sinhalese people for taking the economy down”

“They have taken over 12 Billion USD loans in Yahapalana time. Not done a single project generating back income. Where is the money? We have to pay that back with interest. Gota govt. paid first instalments.”

“Though three planes were prepared to take the President from the Maldives to Singapore, they refused to take those planes due to various international pressures,” the sources said.

 What are these international influence organizations? Now, do you understand that the organizations that led these protesters mean that these protests have been organized by international organizations? Should Gota be responsible for all the frauds and thefts that happened in this country in 74 years?

What did this man do in 2 years to affect all the crimes in the past? Isn’t it right that these protests depended on NGOs? What are these international organizations please? What organizations gave money to those protesters? How are they related? Search for and publish. With that, we will be able to take care of the children of all these protesters. So how did these protests become independent?”

“The man who is against People’s mandate which that needs natural punishment not from citizens of the island, but by the result his deeds.
We called that is by according to that Buddhist theory of knowledge of that Casualty …Do not betray Buddhism which was that most reputed teaching of World. We denied hectares, but we followed Buddhist Path of Eight norms.”

Very near future Sri Lankan would bring Gota again. He was chased by Aragalaya (protests) with help of Western countries and NGOs.

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