The Economic crisis in Sri Lanka -The Navy arrested 53 people who tried to illegally migrate to other countries by boat

The Navy said that 53 people were arrested from Trincomalee and Mannar along with two smugglers who tried to illegally migrate to a foreign country by sea.

This group has been arrested in Trincomalee Erakkandi and Mannar Talpadu sea areas. The group has been arrested in a joint operation conducted by the Sri Lanka Navy Vijayaba Institute belonging to the Eastern Naval Command and the Kuchchaveli Police.

The navy said that 46 persons were arrested in the n Erakkandi area and they are aged between 1 and 52 years the suspects are residents of the Kinnia, Muthur and Kumburupiddy areas.

Meanwhile, during a special search operation conducted in Talpadu beach area of ​​Mannar, 07 people suspected of trying to migrate illegally to another country by using a dinghy were arrested.