The economic crisis in Sri Lanka – Another person died in a fuel queue

A person who was in a vehicle while waiting in a queue in the Borella area of ​​Colombo 8 to get fuel from an IOC filling station died in his vehicle yesterday (5).

While other vehicles in the queue were moving forward,  the people of the vehicles parked behind inquired about his vehicle not moving forward.  Then it was discovered that he was dead inside the vehicle. At first, it was thought that he would be fast asleep inside the vehicle.

But then he did not wake up no matter how much others called him, so they decided to inform the police.

When the police checked, he was found dead in the driver’s seat. Someone who was in the queue said that he came at around 3.45 the day before yesterday night.  Also the deceased had talked to him about the country’s problems. Also, he had told that he has high blood pressure and was supposed to take medicine for it. The group found him dead around 8 am.

The deceased has been identified by the police and has been informed that he is a 60-year-old Sujeewa Vikum Gunaratne, a resident of Gothatuwa. The body of the deceased has been deposited at the National Hospital and a post-mortem will be conducted.