Swarnavahani replaces news with songs due to employee salary issue

An employee strike took place due to a problem related to the salaries of the employees of the Swarnavahini TV channel, and due to this, several programs involving people were suspended on the 4th.

 It was said that this strike started at around 10 am on the 4th. Accordingly, only recorded elements like tele dramas and songs were aired on the channel. The 12 noon and 6.50 pm news as well as the popular 8 pm live at eight news were not telecast.

 Popular Hindi songs were broadcasted instead of the usual news at that time. However, the 10 pm newscast, as well as the late-night political program ‘Ira’, were presented. The news broadcast had been restored by yesterday.

The strike was carried out based on slogans such as the non-increase of employee salaries for many years and the interference of the President’s Media Director with the administration of Svarnavahini, and boards with those texts were hung in the channel’s premises.