Economic Crisis in Sri Lanka – There will be a 6-8 hour power cut in the next 3 days

Former Governor Mr Rajith Keerthi Thennakoon has made an explanation about how the power supply could be interrupted in the next few days according to the power plant statistics and fuel capacity.

 That post is below ;

“The diesel required for July 2 and 3 is available only for Kolonnawa KPS 1 and 2 and Matugama Thermal Power Plants.

Last week, 25% of Sri Lanka’s electricity needs were supplied by fuel (diesel/kerosene). In the next few days, thermal power plants in Sri Lanka are going to shut down.

Kelanitissa Combine Circle Machine provides  115 MW. Its oil is enough only for July 2.

The Kalanissa GT7 machine has only 100 square meters of oil for a few hours in Sapugaskanda. 100 The two machines have fuel for 4 days ie (July 5).

North Janani (24 AD) will run out of oil tomorrow. So it’s (130 MW.) are already out of oil. Westcoast (270 MW) will run out of oil tomorrow evening. These are the largest thermal power generators in Sri Lanka. In short, Sojits has already stopped.

Westcote, Kelanitissa, North Janani, main machines will stop tomorrow. A few other small power plants have fuel for 4 days.

Not to panic, but to be prepared, there may be a power cut of almost 6 hours in the next 3 days. It may extend to 8 hours in another 5 days. The only factor that can change this situation is the Indian Oil Company, by providing a stock of diesel to the Electricity Board tomorrow.

My wish is that the Indian Diesel Power Board gets it. I wrote it 1 ½ day before the government stopped fuel distribution. It is to fulfil social responsibility.

Rajith Keerthi Thennakoon”