Economic Crisis in Sri Lanka – Sri Lanka will have to conduct a 10- 15 hour power cut

Anil Ranjith, President of the Electrical Engineers’ Association, said that in the future, power generation at hydropower plants will have to be cut for 10 to 15 hours a day if they are not operated without proper management during a severe fuel crisis.

Mr Ranjith said that one machine at the Norochcholai power plant would lose 270 megawatts due to repairs and another significant megawatt due to the fuel crisis.

He also said that in such a situation, due to the provision of electricity for more hours, if hydroelectric power is produced without proper management, the amount of power produced may decrease gradually.

He further said that it is a serious problem that all the parties do not come to one table and discuss at this time when electricity supply is also a serious problem, tor to find a solution to the electricity crisis, decisions should be made in consultation with the people who have knowledge and understanding of the subject.