LTTE Rising again in Sri Lanka- What will the president respond to?

In commemoration of the 13th War commemoration on May 18, the Mullaitivu Vellamulli Waikkal Commemoration Ceremonies will be held in the Northern Province.

From the 12th to the 18th of last month it was named Genocide Week to commemorate the war dead. War celebrations were held in various places in the North, including the University of Jaffna.

Meanwhile, Tamil National People’s Front (TNPF) activists are preparing a car with a special memorial for those killed in the war and are touring the Northern Province these days to coincide with Genocide Week.

It calls for justice for the crimes committed against the Tamil people and for the International Court of Justice to be enforced This special vehicle is scheduled to arrive at the Mullivaikkal War Memorial on May 18.

The residents of the area had also organized a demonstration to create awareness among the people about the distribution of various denials to commemorate the 18th of May.

Meanwhile, the Tamil National Cultural Council further urges the public to gather at the Mullivaikkal grounds on May 18 to commemorate the Mullivaikkal war.

Tamil force Sri Lankan government should remove ARMY from North

Parliamentarian CV Wigneswaran has stated that he is ready to support the government on several conditions, including the removal of half of the army personnel detained in the North.

Other conditions include the release of Tamil political prisoners and the abolition of the Functional Archaeological Commission in the North and East.

In addition, the government of Ranil Wickremesinghe should take action to solve the problems of the Tamil people in this country, he said. He also states that he is ready to hold a ministerial post in the government if he agrees to those conditions.

LTTE trying to enter Sri Lanka

Former LTTE cadres have rejoined Sri Lanka to launch an offensive in Sri Lanka amid a deep political and economic crisis, Indian intelligence sources said.

The report also states that the Tamil Diaspora, which has international connections, has been trying to launch its mission in the ongoing clashes between protesters and the armed forces, as it has twice declared a state of emergency over violent protests in Sri Lanka.

The report also said that the attacks were planned to target the Mullivaikkal celebrations on May 18.

A group of ex-LTTE cadres have already entered Tamil Nadu to carry out the operation and the Tamil Nadu Coast Guard has launched a special search operation, the report said.

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