What is the current situation in Sri Lanka? – Is Sri Lanka safe to travel

New protest area Horu go gama” formed

Protesters from the Inter-University Students Federation (IUSF) are still staying at the Polduwa Junction Parliament entrance, demanding the resignation of the President and the government.

They have launched a series of protests against the construction of temporary fortifications in the area. They have named the protest area ‘Horu Go Gama’.

The massive hartal across the country

About 2,000 trade unions and civil society organizations have launched a massive hartal campaign across the country yesterday.

As a result, work across the country has been severely hampered. Many public, semi-public and private sector institutions have been shut down and public transport services have been disrupted.

Shops and businesses in all cities across the country have been closed. Protesters are demanding that the government, led the president to resign.

Will the May salary of public servants engaged in hartals be cut?

The Presidential Media Unit has announced that the news spread on social media using the headline of the President’s letter that the May salaries of public servants who participated in the hartal protests that took place yesterday will be cut is untrue.

The announcement further states that investigations have been initiated against the distributors of false news

Airport terminals will be closed. VIPs will line up with the general public- The Sri Lanka Immigration and Emigration Officers’ Association

The Sri Lanka Immigration and Emigration Officers’ Association has decided to suspend operations at the VIP Terminal at Katunayake Airport and all other airports in the country from today.

They say that the trade union action will continue until a national program is formulated to resolve the crisis in the country. The association said this in an official statement.

 Fuel ship at sea for 37 days .. a shipload of crude oil was smuggled in .. Paying late fees is a racket

The Coalition of Fuel Power Ports and Trade Unions states that a ship that had been smuggled into Sri Lanka under a quick purchase has been stranded in international waters for ten days from the 25th of this month.

Its media spokesman Ananda Palitha said that an agreement has been reached to pay a delay of one hundred thousand dollars per day for the ship. He also said that a ship with refined fuel that arrived 37 days ago had been anchored in the international waters.

He said the ship, which arrived on March 28, was still anchored in international waters due to the inability to pay the relevant dollars and that the ship would have to pay $ 18,000 a day, adding that this would be the most delayed fuel ship in history.

He added that even though the delay on a crude oil tanker is around $ 25,000 a day, late payments and instant purchases are becoming a racket and eight ships have been late this year.

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