Top 5 travel YouTubers to follow in 2022

Top 5 travel YouTubers to follow in 2022

Top 5 travel YouTubers to follow in 2022

Over the past decade, living a tourist lifestyle has exploded in popularity. Travel bloggers who aspire to stand out have instead come to YouTube to videotape their travels. Youtube is a video-based platform and it is Google’s largest search engine of its kind. It allows visitors to monetize their content as their audience grows.

There are so many unique people, places and perspectives in the world yet to explore. Hence, it is not surprising that these content creators choose to take a more visual way of sharing their experiences with the world.
Videos allow these vloggers to display their personalities and relay information that resonates and connects with more visitors than your average blog post can.

1. Mark Wein YouTuber with 8.8 Million subscribers

The youtube channel is previously known as Migrationalogy, now Mark Wein’s Travel vlog is for food lovers. He believes food is the reason you should travel and his dribble-worthy videos strongly support this idea. His content combines incredible food discoveries and top-notch travel experiences.

Mark lives in Thailand with his wife, but he often travels around the world trying amazing foods from different countries and cultures. He is constantly on the lookout for local delicacies and mouth-watering amazing dishes.

2. DEVINSUPERTRAMP YouTuber with 6.2 Million subscribers

Devin Graham travels the world creating and producing incredible action and adventure videos. His channel includes adventurers such as New Zealand extreme bungee jumping, Hawaii mountaineering and Assassin’s Creed parkour in Paris, France. If you are an adventurous person this is the best channel for you to follow.

3. Drew Binsky YouTuber with 3.2 Million subscribers

Drew Binsky is an American travel vlogger and Youtube documentary filmmaker. His Travel Vlog focuses on discovering and celebrating different cultures around the world. He brings daily travel videos to his viewers, telling unique stories about the communities and culture behind each place.

In an inspiring approach to travel vlogging, Drew focuses on socio-political issues, including human rights, gay and transgender acceptance, and the challenge to racial and religious stereotypes. He wants to break the myth that the world is insecure, motivate other people to travel and broaden their perspective on the world.

As if that weren’t enough, Drew often features surprising special guests on his channel as well. Not only that he holds two Guinness World Records for Most UNESCO World Heritage Site visits in 24 hours and for the fastest time to pack a suitcase. Also, he had travelled to all the countries in the world.

4. In Phil Good Travel Vlog YouTuber with 8K subscribers

In Phil Good Travel Vlog, Phil Calvert travels all over Europe spraying positivity where ever he goes. He aims to promote cooperation between all backgrounds, nations and upbringing.

Since black tourists are often a minority in Europe, Phil has worked to create a community of black tourists in this part of the world. He brings an open mind and optimism to his travel videos and his enthusiasm is truly contagious.

5. Kara and Nate YouTuber with 3 Million Subscribers

With over 1000 travel vlogs uploaded and over 3 million Youtube subscribers, these two travelling YouTubers have come a long way. Born in Nashville Tennessee, the fun-loving American couple Kara and Nate have travelled to more than 100 countries on seven continents over the past four years.

From sleeping in an aquarium one night to a $ 10,000 US penthouse set the next night, try not to be jealous of the great career this entrepreneurial couple has created for themselves. The recent pandemic sent Kara and Nate to their home continent, the United States, which did not prevent them from engaging in adventurous activities.