Political Crisis in Sri Lanka -The CPA Survey: 96% of Sri Lankans seek an audit of politicians

According to a survey conducted by the Center for Policy Alternatives, 96.2% of Sri Lankans believe that all politicians should be audited. These people believe that if those assets cannot be secured, they should be confiscated.

According to the survey, 87.3% say President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa should step down and 89.7% say Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa should step down.

A survey of 1,200 samples revealed that 55.9% were in favor of removing all 225 members of parliament. 74% say the executive presidency should be abolished.

In addition, 88% of Sri Lankans say that they or someone in their family has been queuing up to buy essential items. In addition, 90% say that the current economic crisis has directly affected their or a family member’s source of income.

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