A new method to destroy the found drug

Retired Secretary General of Defense Kamal Gunaratne says that there is a shortage of narcotics in the country due to the measures taken to control the narcotics network operating in the country. He points out that the price of narcotics in the country has risen sharply.

Retired Secretary General of Defense Kamal Gunaratne stated that the active drug trade in the country has come to a standstill due to the arrest and remand of the main drug traffickers.

According to intelligence sources as well as police spies, the price of narcotics packets has skyrocketed. That means there is a huge shortage of drugs. We have turned the big drug traffickers who import and distribute the drugs into a high security prison in Boossa and put them in that prison. They are equipped with automatic technology so that they cannot even pick up a phone, he said.

They have been made unable to carry out the racket. Those who are their disciples do on a small scale those who are outside. We catch them too. As soon as the drug is seized, the drug is presented to a judge, some samples are taken, and all other drugs are destroyed before that judge. The Ministry of Justice and the Attorney General’s Department are working on this and we can do the same soon.